October 8, 2021

Car Karaoke

Hello Car Karaoke Singers, Friends, Sponsors and Donors! 


Last night, the Car Karaoke Virtual Award Ceremony was streamed LIVE on YouTube and the total funds raised and contest winners were announced by our co-hosts Cheryl McEwen and Dr. Michael Baker. Initially, the monetary target for the Car Karaoke for Stem Cells fundraiser presented by Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto and the McEwen Stem Cell Institute at UHN was $350,000, however, to date, we have raised over $550,000 for this most important cause. What an amazing effort by everyone involved!

What started as a small idea last January blossomed into something fun, spirited and a huge boost for repairing damaged hearts. This initiative has brought together investors and philanthropists to convert the incredible potential of stem cells into new therapies. They have assembled some of the best medical researchers from around the world and are moving into the future with lifesaving treatments for patients with heart disease by giving new functioning cells to restore function to the scar tissue in damaged hearts.

Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto partnered with the McEwen Stem Cell Institute to help bring this unique virtual fundraising event to life and we hope you found it just as thrilling and electric as the all-electric Porsche Taycan!!

As you know this event was to raise much needed funds to accelerate the research of Dr. Keller & Dr. Laflamme to human clinical trials. They are beyond excited about this infusion. They are also quite inspired by what all of you have done to help propel them to the finish line. Their genuine gratitude was evident on the show.

Please share this information with friends who might be interested to know more about stem cell research at the McEwen Stem Cell Institute. They will be surprised to learn how close we are to the big breakthrough – Human Clinical Trials. As Dr. Keller mentioned on the show, we are more than heart muscle cells, we are making heart pacemaker cells, pancreatic insulin producing islets for Type 1 Diabetes, functional liver tissue, all the cell types in blood and more!

A very big “Thank You” to our Event Sponsors and to all the partners involved, including Helen Ching-Kircher & Dr. Peter Kircher of Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto, Tony & Shari Fell, RBC Wealth Management, Congee Queen, Petit Potato, plus our Stratospheric & Illuminary Donors including the Hannah Family and to Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival. Special thanks. As well to our Prize Sponsors which are Elora Mill Hotel & Spa, Halpern, Laserbody and the Ritz-Carlton Toronto.

Prizes were awarded for:

  • Best Solo – Tailgate Tommy
  • Best Duo – Michael Wekerle and Raquel Wekerle
  • Best Group – Glenn Stonehouse and Friends
  • Most Creative – Debbie Faber and the Girls
  • Top Fundraiser – Dee Dee Eustace

The participant/group with the most funds raised won a DINNER FOR 8 IN YOUR HOME by Sash restaurant and with wine provided by Halpern.

Performance prizes included:

  • 3-Night Stay at the Ritz-Carlton – Includes a one-bedroom corner suite with breakfast daily and a 3-course lunch or dinner and cocktail for two at the newly launched EPOCH Bar & Kitchen Terrace. Winners will also drive in electrified style for the weekend in a new Porsche Taycan from Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto.
  • Elora Mill getaway package – This package includes a one-night stay, a cliff rappelling adventure tour, kitchen counter dinner, breakfast for two, a picnic meal, a $200 spa credit.
  • Rejuvenation package by Life Clinic Medical & Wellness group – Includes: PRP Vampire facial, Botox x 50 units, Dermal filler x 3 (valued at over $5,000).
  • Exquisite Piece from Stoneylake Glassworks “Matrix” Bowl in red and greys, $400 value.

Check out the LIVESTREAM recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzD4MCJfYf4

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