Comprised of the Downtown Porsche dealership in Toronto and the Audi Uptown dealership in Markham, and holding 100 employees and earning 100 million dollars in gross sales, DFC Auto Group has been the GTA’s premier choice for the finest luxury cars since its foundation in 1977. When Helen Ching-Kircher came to the company in 1993, there was an immediate synergy between her seasoned talents in the business realm and the dynamic automotive design and reputation behind the Porsche and Audi brands.

Downtown Porsche, located just at the edge of Toronto’s Historic Distillery District, is Toronto’s only Porsche dealer and is the embodiment of the DFC Auto Group motto: The finest cars, and the finest service. Helen leads a team of professionals who are not only experts of the brand, but are passionate about the Porsche brand and its renowned products. Carrying out her work and leadership duties with an enthusiasm that is not often seen in the business world, Helen is known amongst her employees for creating a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.

Audi Uptown is no different. Helen, whose direction allows for an invigorating environment for both employees and clients, oversees a carefully appointed team of automotive experts and enthusiasts. Also carrying out the company’s commitment to offering the finest cars and the finest service, Audi Uptown is now Ontario’s Number One dealer.

Further enriching the DFC Auto Group community is the company’s dedication to giving back. A reflection of Helen Ching-Kircher’s own heart for philanthropy, both Downtown Porsche and Audi Uptown actively participate in charitable functions and causes, either by sponsoring or providing venue space within the dealership.

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January 6, 2021

Helen Ching-Kircher has been named to the esteemed Order of Ontario

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November 23, 2020

Helen Ching-Kircher Supports the McEwen Stem Cell Institute at University Health Network (UHN)

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