September 27, 2019

Day at the Races 2019

DFC Auto Group Charity Event

Downtown Fine Cars Auto Group, Porsche Center Downtown Toronto and Audi Uptown have been a proud Reception Sponsor of the Day at the Races by the Arthritis Research Foundation at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto for the 13th year now.

Ms. Helen Ching-Kircher started supporting the Arthritis Research Foundation because of a very personal story of hers. She suffers from Arthritis, a crippling auto Immune disease, that unlike a broken ankle or hand does not recover at the same pace, or may never recover in some cases too. She was fortunate to meet Dr. Keystone when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the first thing he told Ms. Helen Ching-Kircher was: “Helen, I will make you well, you will be able to live a normal life, doing all the things you used to do.” and that promise he kept. Ms. Helen Ching-Kircher is forever grateful to Dr. Keystone and her promise to him was that she will always support his continuous research to someday find a total cure, for this crippling decease. Therefore it is most important that we become the ambassadors for this cause and provide Dr. Keystone and his research team with all the resources necessary.

On behalf of Downtown Fine Cars Auto Group, Porsche Center Downtown Toronto and Audi Uptown, Ms. Helen Ching-Kircher thanks all guests for coming to and supporting the event. We are committed to continuing to support Dr. Keystone’s research to find a cure for this crippling disease that will benefit more people in the future.