May 8, 2024

Downtown Esports Day 2024: Experience the thrill.

esports event

Thank you to all who joined us for “Downtown Esports Day 2024: Experience the thrill.” Your enthusiasm and support made this event a huge success. 

Participants got hands-on experience with professional racing simulators, experiencing the intensity and challenges of esports racing. The excitement was incredible as participants pushed their skills to the limit. Congratulations to all participants for showcasing their skills, and a special shoutout to our winners for their impressive performances!

Our 2024 PCDT Esports racing team was excited to share their expertise and passion for esports racing with all guests, inspiring aspiring driver to chase their dreams.

A special shoutout to our food sponsor, Chrisly Café, who kept us fueled for the action-packed day with delicious catering and ensured that nobody went hungry while immersed in the world of esports racing.

Thank you everyone, for being a part of this unforgettable downtown esports day. Your presence and enthusiasm elevated the event.


DFC Auto Group