September 19, 2016

The New Panamera Leipzig | 2016

In the second last week of September, Downtown Porsche, along with other Porsche dealerships around the world, had the opportunity to travel to Leipzig for the reveal of the new Panamera. Downtown Porsche Dealer Principal, Helen Ching-Kircher and General Manager, Dr. Peter Kircher were able to experience the new vehicle first hand through a track and city tour of Leipzig. The visit also consisted of workshops set up by Porsche to learn all about the new Panamera inside and out.

Although, the schedule was intensive with workshops, tours and conferences, both Ms. Ching-Kircher and Dr. Kircher were left with a wonderful impression. Dr. Kircher stated that “…the entire line up is the best ever.” In addition to the events and driving, a major highlight for Ms. Ching-Kircher, was having the chance to meet Dr. Porsche himself, Chairman of the Board PAG and VW Group. Moreover, Ms. Ching-Kircher had the honor of being asked to sit with Dr. Porsche at dinner!

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